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  1. Swiss Genetics.
  2. Developed by Matthais Ghidossi (World renowned Italian hemp geneticist).
  3. Discovered original mother plant in 2016 in a Carmagnola hemp strain garden.
  4. Worked on it for 3 years into what is now Matterhorn CBG. (Perugina in the EU).
  5. Seeds and Starts are available from High Grade Hemp Seed.
  6. Consistent, Stable, Reliable Genetics that you can count on.
  7. High levels of CBG typically range from 14-18%
  8. Flower structure and appeal are second to none.
  9. Skunky with effervescent notes of citrus with notes of lemon and lime.
  10. Super low and 100% compliant THC percentage of 0.19%.



Beyond the aesthetic attraction of this varietal, the medicinal potential of CBG is garnering much attention. Because CBG is the precursor, or mother cannabinoid molecule, of all the other cannabinoids, it is being heralded as the next big thing. CBG connects with both CB1 and CB2 receptors and it has the potential to provide relief for many conditions. Scientific research is eagerly looking at this cannabinoid for medicinal applications. Matterhorn CBG genetics have consistently proven to be uniform, stable, and unique. THC levels are an extraordinary low, averaging 0.19% total, which means great things for you and your clients.

Matterhorn CBG is also highly smokable. Close attention was paid to the terpene profile which is described as having an effervescent skunky aroma of citrus with notes of lemon and lime.  



Herbal Salvation organically farms and handles many hemp strains, for 2020 we have added a very special and exciting new strain called MATTERHORN CBG.

This year we elected to put in 10,000 Matterhorn CBG starts on one of our grow patches. The first thing you should know is that the starts were delivered on time and looked amazing, High Grade Hemp Seed also included an extra 1000 starts to account for loss due to shock, stunt, and to ensure we got the type of yield we had been hearing about, Great Company and great people to work with.

Herbal Salvation only farms using Old School Organic Tech (OSOT) and we do not use any chemical fertilizers on our hemp crops, our grow patch soils are hand balanced and worked daily to perfection. One of the first exciting things about Matterhorn CBG we noticed is that we only had one MALE PLANT in our entire grow patch. The other awesome thing is that the male plant began to pre-flower almost three weeks before any of our females began to pre-flower and was easily spotted and removed from the garden. Another great sign that the folks at High Grade Hemp Seed are doing the job right.

1 male in 11,000 plants is crazy off the charts awesome!


What is (osot) old school organic tech?

Herbal Salvation starts every plants journey in our shock pen. We begin by taking the flats the starts come in and removing the bottoms of the flats (with a lay flat band saw) to let the root grow out of them if necessary during the shock pen phase. We then set them in our outside shock pen that is layered with 6 inches of drainage rock and a thin layer of super soil on top to set the flats of starts on. The shock pen is set up to protect the starts from large animals like deer and rabbits, but still allows the starts to be completely exposed to the elements, bugs, and predators on our farm. Herbal Salvation recommends shielding your starts form direct sun by placing your pen under a tree, our shock pen sits under a big willow tree, so the starts get some sun but not straight roasted by the sun while they make the transitional journey from indoor climate controlled nursery, to refrigerated delivery truck, to shock pen, and then to the grow patch.     



Starts, Seedlings, and Clones all have one thing in common, they are making the jump from super ideal controlled grow conditions to the grow patch or as we like to call it, the great outdoors. For little hemp plants sometimes it’s a lot like charging hell with a squirt gun. You run the risk of serious loss, stunted growth, nutrient lock out, shock, and any myriad of other follies if you do not shock your plants and let them taste what’s coming by using a shock pen for 5-7 days prior to planting. Herbal Salvation has found that this is the best method for producing strong, high yield, well rooted plants for small grow patches of 5 acres or less because you don’t have to field the plant to see if they are going to make it. (Herbal Salvation only gives them water in the shock pen, then we feed them on planting day in the patch with organic fish and seaweed)



Farmers can reach high percentage levels (15% to 19%) of CBG while still maintaining compliance with NEW TOTAL THC regulation because Matterhorn’s THC levels are typically around 0.19% total. We both know that these are game-changing results and it also happens to be the reason Matterhorn CBG derived its name from the tallest mountain in the Swiss Alps. Because its 100% legally compliant.



Herbal Salvation will begin releasing top shelf packaged product online in late December 2020 (Great product takes time, and are worth the wait.)

  • Wholesale lots of bulk flower will be available on the second Tuesday in January 2021. Rubs and Lotions on February 1st 2021.
  • Oils, Hash, and Shatter on the 1st of March 2021
  • ISO, Gummies, and Capsules on March 15th 2021   

Herbal Salvation Hemp products sell out fast because we do it right. All products are handmade and packaged in very limited quantities. We look forward to serving you, and we are excited to have Matterhorn CBG in our product line up for 2020.


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