Nodzilla CBD Tincture (3,000mg)


Ingredients: Alcohol, Sugar, Hemp, PHG, and Flavoring.

Flavor: Cherry.

Size: 15mL

Potency: 3,000mg

Nodzilla Hemp Tincture is a blend of the finest natural plant based extracts and natural flavors that creates a great tasting and extremely effective and strong tincture.

We start with the hemp strain AC/DC and refine it down to the purest broad spectrum hemp extract while still maintaining the strains terpene profile of almost 6% as well as it cannabinoid profile of 18.2%, minus the THC of course, so its legal in every state. Hemp extracts along with other plant based alkaloids coupled with cutting edge ingredients like oleamide and PHG blended with natural flavors form the most effective, best tasting tincture on the market today.