Herbal Salvation was built on the old school principals of quality, trust, and transparency.

Jason and Heather, Herbal Salvation’s founders were introduced to the natural alternatives market in 2010, and immediately saw the benefit that products like kratom had for so many people.  We saw people turning to nature to bridge the gap from big pharma to freedom!

Here is our story.

In the early days we had so many people with all kinds of real-world problems who were getting great results from our kratom products as natural alternatives. We had such a huge response that we began to market our products to various recovery centers and physical rehabs around the country. By 2011, word of mouth had traveled and we began to get requests from various herbal stores who wanted to buy high quality kratom products. We officially began wholesaling to stores but still had no name for our products.

The birth of Herbal Salvation as the #1 kratom, hemp, and naturals brand.

One of our original team members – Carlos – was the first to coin the phrase “Herbal Salvation”. Carlos said he liked the name because it represents what these products really mean for so many people.  The name stuck and the rest is history.

As Herbal Salvation officially began to market Herbal Salvation kratom products for sale. We purposely avoided the world wide web and focused on brick and mortar herbal stores around the country. We slowly built the quality brand name that people have come to know and trust… one loyal customer at a time. Today quality, trust, and transparency are the top priority at Herbal Salvation.

Why buy kratom from Herbal Salvation?

We keep it simple – Herbal Salvation is the original and the genuine brand you have come to know and trust, and of course we give away free stuff.

Want to earn discounts and special offers?

Five ways to get discounts and free product:

  1. Just for reading this, you can use a one-time special discount code HS10 for 10% off your kratom purchase today!
  2. Take a photo of any competitors empty product package and send it to sales@herbalsalvation.com. For your effort we will send you a promo code for free shipping.
  3. Give us a great review here (link to review page) and here (link to FB page), or mention our URL (herbalsalvation.com) on any website and get a 25% off coupon by email.
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  5. Find someone online pretending to be Herbal Salvation? Send us a copy of any website, email, or other content you come across showing the use of our name. In return, we’ll send you a $25.00 coupon code to use any way you want. Check your old emails as this has no time limit and our imposters can go back as far as 2012.

Our pledge to you.

At Herbal Salvation we are dedicated to quality and consistency – from the selection of our ingredients to the crafting of our natural herbal products. Since our humble beginnings many years ago, we have stayed true to the one thing we are, and that’s genuine old school.   

Herbal Salvation stands behind its products 100% with no questions asked. If you have a problem with one of our products, we’ll make it not a problem. Just let us know. 

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